The opposing scientist of Kathryn D. Sullivan in which I chose was Robert L. Crippen. I chose him because he was also on the same crew as Sullivan during some of their space flight missions for NASA.  Both Crippen and Sullivan were astronauts, however Crippen was the man in charge as he was the commander. I feel as though gender influenced both of the careers of these two scientists. Sullivan spent a lot of her life studying and in school in attempt to gain further knowledge towards her major/career. However, Crippen jumped straight into what he wanted to do and that was learn to be a pilot and on from there. He got to the top of his career through hands on experience as she spent most of her career in school. In an interview it states how Kathryn was not viewed as the typical female astronaut as the media portrayed. The media showed a girly, flirty, blond, and of course beautiful female; this was not how she viewed herself as. As for Crippen the media saw him as the typical American/astronaut, which he already was making him more media friendly/well-known.

Quote from an Interview with Crippen…

“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain if you’re not a
pilot or inclined in that direction. I guess test pilots—[people] that want to
be test pilots want to push the envelope, and pushing the envelope means doing
something for the first time.”

(I will cite the source for this in the next post under it will be name bibliography for Crippen)