Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal

 When was this Organization Formed?

The Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses also known as AWHONN was
founded in 1969 as the Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetrics
and Gynecology. The organization AWHONN is a stem formed in 1993 which is
non-profit and separate from the original Nurses Association made in 1969.

Is it still in Existence Today?

Yes it still exists today. They have their very own website, they host conventions such as
the one that is coming soon at Washington, DC Area, they have webinars/courses
online, and more.
“There are 52 sections (one for each state, plus one that represents Canada, and one that
represents members in the US Armed Forces). Within each section, there are
local chapters.”

Primary Mission

The primary mission of the AWHONN is to promote the health of women and newborns.

AWHONN publishes Standards for Professional Nursing Practice in the Care of Women
and Newborns
. These standards define the roles, functions and competencies
of nurses caring for women and newborns and delineate the various roles and
behaviors for which the professional nurse is accountable

How to become a part of it?

To become a part of the association you just have to make an account and sign up on their

Member Composition

President: Kathleen A. Hale,

President-Elect: Rose L. Horton,

Secretary-Treasurer: Mary McMahon,

They have many committees and advisory panels such

Finance Committee

Nominating Committee

Policy Committee
Annual Convention Program Committee
Focus Area Advisory Panels
2011 Research Advisory Panel
2011 Childbearing & Newborn Advisory Panel

Though it didn’t say the actual composition of women & men in the group I assume there is more
females who are involved in this group then men.

Does UMW have a chapter of this organization?
The University of Mary Washington does not have a chapter of this organization, however any
student interested in the organization could start a group if they wanted to.

Would Kathryn D. Sullivan become a part of
this Organization?

I don’t think Kathryn D. Sullivan would be a part of this organization, even though it deals
with science, women, and more. It deals with the medical field which is not
what she is usually involved in. The associations she is a part of are the ones
she got awards from or that deal with her field of study in geology and Space.

Connecting Sullivan and the Association

Projects involving NASA/ Geology would most likely interest Sullivan to the
organization. Since the mission of the AWHONN is to promote health of women and
newborns something that revolves around: The health of women in space & the
effect of having a baby in space and why it can’t be done.

Would I consider joining this Organization?

Yes it is a field of study that interest me along with the fact that I am a woman and I not now
but in the future I want to have my own kids someday. I find it an interesting
organization that seeks to help out and inform women and nurses. It is a way to
keep everything up in high standards which is what I like about it.